Why You Need to Invest in Quality Cat 6 Ethernet Cables


You’ve probably seen or used the Cat 6 Ethernet cables at your workplace or home; they are the cables with multi-colored wires in them that help you connect to the internet. Category cables or ‘Cat’ cables connect to devices that connect to the internet, such as servers, computers, or modems. You might not have given these cables a detailed thought, but they are responsible for the amount of internet you receive. Contemplating whether to browse www.cakeycn.com and buy them in bulk for your project? Go ahead and make a purchase; they’re worth it.

Reasons for Investing in Cat 6 Ethernet Cables

You cannot go wrong with these cables. But before you place an order, note that numbers generally classify the Ethernet cables, mostly according to their capabilities and functionality. Be sure to shop Cat 6 cables for your project. Let’s explore why it’s important to install high-quality Cat 6 Ethernet cables.

Improves your network performance 

The main reason you should consider cat 6 Ethernet cables is their increased performance over its predecessor. Compared to the Cat 5, which has a performance max out of 100 MHZ, the Cat 6 handles as much as 250 MHZ, making the cable best suited for use with 10-Gigabit Ethernet. You can depend on the cable in your routers, patch panels, switches, and other components made to achieve a complete Gigabit network.

Boosts your network speed

People and organizations continuously upgrade their Cat cables to improve their internet speeds. When planning to upgrade your network system, it’s important to know what Cat cables are best suited for you. Experts have discovered that Cat 6 cables offer better network speeds than their Cat 5 counterparts. With this discovery, the category six cable has gradually become the industry standard due to its suitability with the Gigabit Ethernet.

Allows for backward compatibility 

Another reason for using the Cat 6 Ethernet cable is its backward compatibility features with its counterpart, the Cat 5 cable. The plug and port of the Cat 6 and 5 are similar and can be used in devices that support the connection. However, you may not get maximum performance from your Cat 6 cable when used with a Cat 5 port.

Follows the current industry standards

If you are running a networking business and intend to install network cabling or upgrade to a faster network, you should consider using Cat 6 Ethernet cables. The cables will not perform optimally if all other devices cannot support Gigabit speeds, forcing you to upgrade and comply with modern internet standards. Cat 6 cables should be part of your planned system upgrade since they have quickly become the recommended standard.

Final Word

The Cat 6 cable is one of the best cables to invest in due to its performance and speed. However, it must be connected to other devices that support Gigabit speeds to work efficiently. Whichever your intended use, feel free to buy Cat 6 Ethernet cables from our store and enjoy a valuable addition to your network system.


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