How To Clean A Hot Tub


A hot tub is a device with heaters, jets, and filters that enhance its performance and influence on the users. They offer numerous types of benefits. Hot tubs come in various styles, shapes, designs, and sizes, like 6 people hot tub. Regardless of these elements, all hot tubs need to be cleaned. For this reason, this post focuses on hot tub cleaning.

How to clean a hot tub

Below is a simple guide on how to clean your hot tub;

Step 1: collect the necessary equipment

The first step is collecting the materials you need for the process. Below are some of these materials;

  • A hose for draining the hot tub
  • A sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Clean water
  • 10% bleach-to-water solution

Step 2: drain the hot tub

The next thing you must do before you start cleaning your hot tub is draining it. You can use a hose and the power of gravity to do this. However, depending on your hot tub brand and design, you also can use the drain designed within the hot tub. Draining the hot tub will give you access to its shell and internal components for cleaning.

Step 3: clean the shell

Once you have drained the hot tub and have access to the shell, you can use a sponge and white vinegar to scrub the body’s surface. Doing this will leave it spotless and immaculate. The vinegar will scrub off the scrub line at the water’s edge and other types of dirt and spots. You can also use the bleach-to-water solution to control mildew.

Step 4: Clean the filters

The filters also need to be cleaned to keep them working correctly. You can use a garden hose with warm water to clean the filters. Secondly, you can also use a hot tub filter cleaning spray for deep cleaning. Soaking in a chemical cleaner can also do the trick.

Step 5: rinse and refill

Afterwards, you can rinse the hot tub thoroughly then fill it with clean water.

How often should you clean your hot tub?

The frequency at which you clean your hot tub depends on the following factors;

  • Frequency of use- naturally, the more you use the hot tub, the more frequently you must clean it and vice versa. This is because the germs from your body, the lotions, fabric softeners you use on your swimming clothes, and other environmental elements cause it to get dirty faster.
  • Application- hot tubs used in spas or other recreational or wellness centres need frequent cleaning than those applied at home. This is because of the health risks involved since the former are used by more people than the latter.
  • Placement- hot tubs that are installed indoors will require less frequent cleaning than those installed outdoors. This is because outdoor hot tubs usually get dirty faster as they are exposed to more elements (like depress, wind-blown trash, and leaves) that could make them dirty. However, indoor hot tubs are also prone to developing scum.

Final word

You can clean your hot tub after every three to four months, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, it would also help if you changed the water at least weekly. Doing this will help maintain your safety and the performance of the hot tub.


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