Is it better to smoke or vape?


In the present world, the urge to produce smoke clouds is a sensation not many can resist. Smoking has become a need in today’s world. Many people smoke during celebrations and parties, while some look upon it as a weapon to fight grief and mental trauma. Smoking has a few odds not many would prefer; therefore, a safer and better alternative, vape pods, has been designed which mimics the act of smoking while giving an upper edge in various ways.

What is a vape?

An electronic cigarette, mostly heard as a vape, is an electronic device that mimics the use of traditional cigarettes. A vape is just the same as a cigarette; it delivers nicotine to the user much more effectively while offering fewer toxins. Vapes come in different styles and conveniences. A user should look for a device that gives him desired nicotine level and does not cost above the odds. Once a high-quality device is bought, if maintained well, it can prove to be quite pocket-friendly without compromising satisfaction and pleasure.

How does it work?

A vape consists of an atomizer, a battery, and an e-fluid tank.

  • The atomizer consists of a wick that drives the e-fluid from the tank, while a coil is also present in an atomizer which heats the e-fluid into vapors that are then inhaled by the user.
  • A battery is present, which provides power to the atomizer for converting the e-fluid into vapors. The battery can be both rechargeable and disposable. It is available in various sizes depending on the device to be powered.
  • An e-fluid tank contains the flavored liquid which is to be inhaled. The e-fluid comes in a variety of flavors and is available in different nicotine levels.

Benefits of a vape

A vape, as an alternative to smoking, proves way more advantageous in a number of ways. It gives the same pleasure and satisfaction while proving less toxic than a traditional cigarette. A few benefits enjoyed by a vape user are briefed below.

Helps to give up smoking

If you are an addicted smoker, then the thing you are addicted to is nicotine. A vape gives the same sensation as smoking and delivers nicotine much more effectively. The nicotine level can be reduced in such a way that the user feels no difference in nicotine intake. Eventually, in a short period of time, the user overcomes the addiction.

Easy to carry; portable

Like cigarettes, a vape device is easy to carry around, requires no quick disposal, and produces no ash. Having such a device ensures that every time you feel the urge to smoke, a safer and more effective alternative will be in hand.

Easy to use; rechargeable and refillable

A cigarette is for one-time use only, while a vape can be used in the long run if maintained well. Its battery can be recharged, and the e-fluid can be replaced or refilled. If an urge for a couple of smoke hits rises, the vape is the best option for you.


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