Why Should You Not Pressure Wash Pets and Plants


Pressure washing is a great way to clean your home’s surfaces. However, some homeowners don’t realize that the high force of water can harm certain items and materials. Therefore, it’s always important to know what areas and items you should avoid when pressure washing.

Learn why you should not pressure wash pets, plants, or anything other than your home by reading this guide from clean pressure washing inc.

Pressure Washing Can Harm Pets

Believe it or not, pressure washers can actually cause injury to pets. This is because the water comes out with such force that it can cut into their skin. The nozzle is also so far from the body that it tends to hit them with more force than if you were to just spray them with a regular hose. The last thing you want is for your beloved pet to be injured in any way, so make sure you keep your pressure washer away from them!

Pressure Washing Can Affect Plants

Although plants may seem sturdy enough for a pressure washing, they are not. Pressure washing can easily knock down or kill any plant that does not have a deep root system in place, which includes the majority of flowers, vegetables and even trees.

How Are Pressure Washers Used in Weeding?

There’s a lot of talk about pressure washers and their ability to clean up the toughest messes. But did you know that these machines can also help you weed your garden?

Here are some tips on using a pressure washer in weeding:

1. Use High-Pressure Water to Blast Away Weeds

One of the simplest ways to use a pressure washer in weeding is to blast away weeds. Not only will this method remove the weed, but it will also remove any dirt or soil that may have been attached. This is ideal for any surface where you don’t want to risk digging out roots and damaging surfaces, such as patios and driveways.

2. Use Low-Pressure Water to Kill Weeds Without Digging

If you want to kill weeds without digging them out of the ground, use low-pressure water from your pressure washer. This is ideal for areas like gardens where you want to keep the soil intact so new plants can grow. Be careful when using a low-pressure stream, as this method may not remove all of the weed’s roots. You may need to use more than one blast of water to completely remove the weed from its source before moving on to the next one.

Benefits of Using Pressure Washers for Weeding

1. Save Time – A pressure washer saves you time because you don’t have to bend down or get down on your knees to remove the weeds with your hands. Instead, you just need to spray them with water at high pressure, and they will come out easily. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from back pain or arthritis since there is less strain on the body when using this machine compared to other methods such as using a shovel or hoe.

2. Save Money – Using a pressure washer can save money because it uses less energy than other methods like using chemicals or pulling up weeds by hand which takes much longer time and requires more labor costs too! This means that if you use this tool instead of other options, then not only will your garden look better faster, but it also costs you less for the same.

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