Ways to Maintain Deep Wave Wig


Being a black woman and having curly hair is a pretty combination. No wonder deep wave wig has created a buzz among women. Almost every other woman goes for it nowadays. Their tight, smooth, and lustrous curls add to their charm.

However, like our natural hair, human hair extensions or wigs also need maintenance. Here are some ways to help you maintain your deep wave wig easily. Give this guide a quick read for some good maintenance tips.

Deep Wave Wig

Before getting to know how to maintain a deep wave wig, you must know what it is. These are 100% virgin human hair wigs. They are available in curly, straight, or wavy. But the most preferred are the ones with tight curls.

These natural-looking hair wigs can add to the thickness of your hair. With proper care, you can use them for as long as a year.

Following are some tips to maintain deep wave wigs;

  1. Choosing the right pillowcase.
  2. Proper washing techniques.
  3. A hairbrush is a big NO!
  4. Use your wig for longer.

Choosing the Right Pillowcase

The right type of pillowcase can help you maintain the glow. Cotton pillowcases make hair more prone to breakage. It also drains the entire glow from them. Switch to a silk pillowcase, and you will see the difference.

Proper Washing Techniques

Never skip the conditioner! Conditioning can help get rid of frizz as well as makes them smooth. However, a proper washing technique is also crucial for their maintenance. Detangle your deep wave wig before getting into the shower. It will help cleanse the tight curls properly.

Conditioning after shampoo is good, but you can also pre-condition them for better results. Washing the wig properly maintains not only their health but also the health of your own hair.

A hairbrush is a big NO!

Using hairbrushes for detangling the deep wave wigs can destroy their texture. Brushing may lose hair curls. Use a wide-toothed comb instead. They not only detangle the hair easily but also maintain the curls.

Use Your Wig for longer

With time, the deep wave wigs can lose their curls. Due to this, their charm and attractiveness can be dulled. You can make them long-lasting by using hair styling tools like hair curlers. This can help you use your wig for longer.


It is necessary to take care of your wigs to pay off the time and money you spent to get them. Not following the proper ways can damage it, which can be a loss for you. However, maintaining it is not rocket science. All you need is some easy tips and a hair care routine, and you are ready to use it.

Deep wave wigs are one of the most used human hair wigs nowadays. This guide may be helpful for all of you who want your wigs to be long-lasting and look as new as freshly bought.

Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned and enjoy wearing your beautiful hair wig.


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