How Much Do Blotting Paper Packets Cost?


Have you ever applied makeup and realized that you have some extra shiny spots on your face immediately after or after a few hours with the makeup? If you have, you know how the extra shine and oil can negatively affect your look by disintegrating your makeup.The oil absorbing sheets were designed to help with this problem. An oil blotting sheet will help you get rid of the shine without wiping off your makeup. This write-up discusses the cost of blotting paper packets.

The cost of blotting paper

Firstly, you must understand that blotting paper is usually sold in packets. A pack contains at least fifty sheets of blotting paper, depending on the brand. In simpler terms, they are packed like paper wipes. The average cost of a packet of blotting paper ranges between 10 to 15 dollars.

Factors influencing the cost of blotting paper packets

The following factors can affect the amount of money you pay for a pack of blotting paper. Some of these factors are:

1. The brand

Naturally, luxurious and well-known brands charge more for their products than their counterparts. This is the case with blotting paper packets. Brands normally determine the cost of their products depending on the raw materials they use, their labor costs, and the power they possess in the market. Additionally, internet-based brands sell their products at lower prices because they do not incur as many operational charges as companies with physical stores.

2. The size

Blotting sheets sizes are usually determined by the number of sheets in a single packet. Since the sheets are generally very thin, a single packet can hold 100 sheets. However, the more the sheets, the higher the price. The size of the sheet also counts. Blotting paper packets with larger sheets (in terms of length and width, not breadth) are usually more costly. However, it is uncommon for manufacturers to produce large blotting sheets. Most brands manufacture a standard size.

3. Components and special features

The unique components of the blotting paper can also affect the cost. For instance, some blotting sheets come with added oil-fighting elements. These types cost more than conventional blotting paper. Others are made with mineral or essential oils for added benefits. Naturally, the more the special characteristics, the higher the prices.

4. Type

The type of blotting sheet also automatically plays into its cost. For instance, scented blotting sheet packets are naturally more costly because of the added fragrance and benefits. On the other hand, powdered plotting sheets are typically more expensive than their unpowdered counterparts.

5. Location

Your location will also influence the amount of money you spend on blotting paper. This is because stores selling in various locations must consider the local tax policies, costs of running businesses, and state of the market when determining their product’s prices. For instance, the products are bound to cost more in locations with higher tax rates.


You can purchase blotting paper packers from online stores like at convenient prices. Note that the store sells natural blotting sheets made from sustainable raw materials. The products also boast a higher quality than its competition.


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