A Complete Technology Guide to Holo Fan


We are living in the age of technology and things that only run by using technology. Our earth is becoming globally flat and near due to the miracle of technology. As far as you will see around you, you will find everything running on technology.

From our small android phones to the bigger screen, everything is entangled in technology. In this article, you will learn about new technology which is overcoming the earth, known as Holo fan or hologram fan. You can define a holo fan as a fan that can produce 3D fantasy which will hang in the air.

A fan moves so rapidly that the fan will disappear from our eyes, and we will see only perspective images. This type of technology is being used for the sake of advertisement of business in many shopping malls, airports, and other market places.

Usage of 3D holo fan

You can use a 3D holo fan which produces 3D images of distinct obtained by a revolving mirror placed in the path of a reflected beam. Many successful companies and brands use this technology for online meetings or for the sake of advertisement at airports, shopping malls, and many other places. In this lively world, everyone is using technology, and it is expected that in the few coming years, the whole world will only be occupied by technology.

Benefits of using a 3D holo fan

As you know that this world is the slave of technology. With the passage of every day, we are developing new things, and the holo fan is one of the most favorite technologies which will provide you with the following benefits;

  • 3D hologram fan or holo fan is very cost effective, and you can easily appoint it.
  • The holo fan has more ability to store memory as compared to other technologies.
  • It shows an object with great viability, along with the depth of the object.
  • You can consider that all your data and information are saved because it provides a high security alert.
  • With the help of a 3D holo fan, you can create a 3D image on a single plate.
  • You can join holo fan with other technologies for the purpose of the meeting or a conference call.
  • You do not have to worry about wearing glasses to see; you can easily see the 3D image with your naked eyes.
  • Holo fans do not use any projector to display images.

Disadvantages of using a holo fan

There is both positive and negative feedback, no matter how developed the technology is. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a holo fan which is given below;

  • It is very expensive to operate it individually because it will offer a huge expense.
  • We cannot fully trust holo fan technology because it is a developing technology that has some negative perspectives.
  • May be there is a lack of knowledge due t which we are not getting much of its benefits.
  • This technology interacts more subtly with images.
  • People use holo fans spontaneously for simple interaction.
  • There are no arguments about its negative side effects.

Bottom line

By reading this article, you can completely learn about how modern technology works in an effective way. You can also go somewhere in a shopping mall or airport to see the use of holo fan technology.


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