5 Toy Safety Tips for Your Kids


Toys are vital to a kid’s growth and development. Besides the fact that they are fun to play with, they help to develop a kid’s motor, functional, independent, and cognitive skills. Toys are also a great way to teach your child new things.

Unfortunately, as great as toys are, they can also be dangerous for several reasons. As a parent, your child’s safety comes first, so you need to pay attention to the safety levels of toys you choose for them.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do away with toys totally. Your baby can play with great toys once you practice the safety tips we’ll explain in this article.

Safety Precautions for Kids

Pay Attention to the Toy Size

When getting toys for your child, you should pay attention to the size – toys shouldn’t be too large or too small. You should aim for toys that are 2.25 inches long with a diameter of about 1.25 inches. Once a toy is too small, your little one might swallow it. To prevent this, you should avoid purchasing toys like coins, beads, tiny marbles, balls, etc. Also, if you’re getting a bigger toy, ensure they aren’t the type to break off into small pieces easily.

Inspect for Sharp Ends

No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop kids from putting toys near or in their mouths. So, apart from taking note of toy size, you should also ensure that these toys don’t possess sharp edges. Get toys that are soft and plush, with dull edges. When you do this, you can rest assured that your little one isn’t at risk of harming himself with the sharp edges.

Wash and Disinfect the Toys

Kids don’t care what they do with their toys or where they drop them. They might touch these items with dirty hands, share them with kids or other people who also have dirty hands, or place these toys on unclean surfaces. Most times, you might not know where the toys have been or what they’ve been used for, and leaving them dirty can be a health hazard for your kids. Ensure you clean these toys regularly to prevent that from happening.

Check for Labels

Before purchasing any toy, always read the labels for any special information about the toy. This could be the age range, cleaning instructions, safety measures of the toy, how fragile or sturdy the toy is, and so on. This information is important, so try to read them thoroughly – don’t leave anything out – before deciding whether it’s a good fit for your kid.

Supervise Your Kid

Whenever you can, you should always supervise your kid whenever they’re using their toys. You can always monitor them and even throw in some ideas to make their playtime more productive. If your kid is still getting used to a particular toy, it’s advised that you monitor them to control how they handle the toy. If you notice that a specific toy constantly poses a risk to your child’s safety, you need to stow it away.


Some toys are considered to be generally safe. For example, brick toys like mould king are safe, but you still need to practice these safety tips to guarantee that your child has a great time with them.


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