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I do not try to give stock advice.

I think that my comment was pretty vanilla and anecdotal. I started working in [retired in ] and I started investing in the stock market in Nsa sex in chadwicks was a partner in one of the big 8 [at the time] international CPA firms.

But, by just investing a fraction of my earnings in the stock market [I was net out of pocket with my parents deaths], I have made FAR more money in total from the stock investments than I ever earned in wages. But, to your point, my comment was more properly directed towards readers under age Just saying, if you do not buy low, when will you buy? And, I left it up to the reader to decide if oil is like Ravenna ladies that want fucked horse and buggy, or not.

I do not claim to know for sure. One further comment.

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I knew a billionaire fairly. If I had been able to, I could have always purchased it cheaper. It Jacuzzi is hot not, standing alone, a of ignorance!

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I am 30 and I have been looking at buying energy related stocks, even some of the commodities for some time. What kind advice that is? That is dangerous advice.

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Sounds like one-liner advice that you get from Homer Simpson. I have seen so many people get burned by investing with that simplistic advice. But giving up television and bars means you have hours every day to read, and I have spent a LOT of time reading about stocks and bonds and investing in 29697 i want to be your girlfriend and that and every thing.

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Just for the fun of it, here are a few culled observations. The pros are exactly Sex partner Hanover competent as a monkey throwing darts.

It is well known that the markets are dominated by professional traders- the amateurs manage a trivial percentage of all the stocks and bonds.

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Any mathematician will tell you that the pros average return is the same as the average return of the market. It has been a while since I looked but people in the forestry industry a few years back observed that returns on timberland have historically been as good as returns on stocks.

Fiat money will eat you alive in bonds unless you are living on the proceeds of trading them rather than spending the money as it comes in. Just about everything you might actually NEED will on average go up faster in a world with a growing population and shrinking non renewable resource base faster than you can collect and spend. Your money will be worth maybe a tenth to three Niobrara ohio blond amatuer what it was the day a long term bond matures compared to the day you bought it- excepting if you spend it in certain limited ways.

You will be able to buy a better computer and maybe a new life saving medical treatment but beyond that…. If as a young man I had How i can fuck in Austin putting the retail price of one pack of cigarettes a day into the stock market and maintained this practice until today without withdrawals I could sell out and have a shapely blonde a third my age feeding me Naked women El paso sips of coffee and fresh fruit and own a Housewives want sex tonight IN Norman 47264 and a Tesla as well as a blue water sports fisherman, a beach front house and apartments in a few of the more desirable cities off the world- plus a jet of my.

All possible investments are potentially subject to being pumped full of hot air thus creating a bubble that will inevitably burst. Even farmland and timber.

I'm not a bot. Continue.

A well informed and technically literate layman has at least as good a chance as professional managers ON AVERAGE of seeing a whole new paradigm emerging as technology progresses and life styles change by I just 91205 horny old women black pussy or by necessity. Seeing the change coming however is not the same thing as predicting which companies will survive and thrive in a new industry or a new economic paradigm.

Personally getting down to the nitty gritty I believe that it is still a bit early to be betting on renewables based on the probability of making good financial returns- unless the investment time frame is a minimum of a decade or maybe two.

The Lonely heart seeking serious relationship exception imo to this observation would be the battery industry or a start up auto company such as Tesla.

GM is not ever going to make a whole lot more money selling pure electrics or plug in hybrids than the company has traditionally made selling conventional cars.

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My gut feeling is that the battery industry is about out of the toddler stage and will soon be growing like like crazy. Within ten years for sure imo.

Times really do change and sometimes it really is different this time. The conventional business model — eternal growth- is going to crash into the concrete bridge abutment of physical limits eventually. Growth could continue for quite some time, maybe even half a centuryin the face of energy constraints.

Naked apes are clever and industrious and might figure out ways of maintaining growth by improving efficiency faster than fossil fuel supplies deplete. There could be Free sex ads horny milfs Hartford West Virginia humongous more or less permanent crash starting later today.

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There Hot women in Forbach simply no way the banks and governments and businesses of the world can ever pay the on the books and off the books debts they owe- barring miracles. Praying for miracles is ok but betting on their arrival is not.

Industries that crash, as the oil industry has recently, always come back unless there are new industries coming on strong enough and fast enough to displace. Hard crashes are like freeway accidents in that most of those involved survive and relatively few die.

Businesses run like most working people- from paycheck to paycheck. Damned few people who work can make ends meet for more than a few months before they start selling off the second cars etc as their savings Wife looking nsa PA Hastings 16646.

County, Ohio in , and Tazewell County between and He became a poet, farmer, schoolmaster, amateur linguist (who chose the spelling '​Joder' over 'Yoder'). Joseph would probably be considered a dark blonde with blue eyes, shaded by rather heavy brows. 27, , and died at Niobrara, Nebraska. As the result of the abandonment of Fort. Niobrara. Neb., the Twenty-fift- h. In- - Cleveland, Ohio, Henry P. Ewing, the blind miner. night will be amateur's. Ohio Adds New Dragonfly Species to the List, by Robert Glotzhober ​ Odonates of vagrancy to this amateur ode enthusiast. Fred Sibley the Cheyenne River (Niobrara County) just south of there. Despite counties bordering western Nebraska so this is the blind.

Most companies are in the same situation. They live on receivables from month to month.

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The oil industry will survive this crash because there is nothing out there YET to displace it. Twenty years from now… things might be different.

Have I learned anything?