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Lady looking sex tonight Eben Junction

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And Don't do this and don't do that and You can't be with me. I need a teacher :) w4m Okay guys let me tell you what i want from my guylover, i need a man who is not scared to do anything behind the close doors someone Girl on erotic msg Louisville and calmnice and caring look i dont want you to be my husband or .

Age: 56
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Look Real Sex Dating
City: Kenora, University Circle
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Looking For A Bored Housewife, Soccer Mom Cougars Welcome

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First, assuming we are both consenting adults who respect one another, know how to observe strict limits, and who know what a 'safe word' is I'm seeking someone who wants to be dominated forcefully.

Sex swingers Laramie order you to stand in the corner with your back to me and undress down to your underwear. I come up behind you and hold you with my arm around your throat and your hands behind your.

Sounding frustrated, I quietly speak into your, "This is the last time you embarrass me with one of your silly outfits. I'm going to make sure this time that you think twice when you dress Sex clubs jersey city.

You feel my hand run over your ass. I squeeze it while my choke hold gets a Free nsa fuck Valdosta stronger. I tell you it's shameful how you're dripping with come under the circumstances - that is shows no respect.

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I lead you to the bed and tie a blindfold over your eyes. When you resist, I apply just enough force to make you cooperate.

I order you on your knees and explain how if Beautiful housewives searching love Tennessee continue to cooperate, you will only require 20 lashes with my bare hand.

I pull your panties down to your ankles and begin applying your punishment ONCE. But by ten you're already complaining, earning you another 10 more - 30 in all.

Finally, I grab your hair in my fist and ask, "Are we done yet"? You nod pleadingly.

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There are other things your must do to prove your devotion to me. In the darkness you approach me slowly, finding my 9" cock and swallowing it hole.

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With you hair in my fist again you feel me thrusting your face. I remove your blindfold so I can see your eyes which are glazed over with submission. I pull. You sit there listlessly awaiting instructions.

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I slap you across the face telling you to wake up and get rid of that dumb look. I order you to the center of the bed.

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You obey, and spread your legs obediently. As I mount you, I twist your left nipple until you wince.

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You've closed your eyes knowing full well that in a moment's time, your body will be shaking violently, convulsing from that odd combination of pain, ecstasy and the sense of freedom that comes from being dominated.

I'm completely open to variations of almost any kind and of course, this isn't about pain, it's about pleasure and gratification.

It's supposed to feel good in our own unique way. Not looking for anyone with really off the charts fantasies.

Though I will say that one of the things I like most about this "agreement" is that we Free local fucking Hopkinsville be as open and honest about our wants, fantasies, desired.

Complete openness without judgement of any kind.

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I think that could lead to some fun experiences - especially for you since I tend to be a pleaser.