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Iowa City a m hookup

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I'm only waiting for a nsa hook up.

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Well, mostly singles but we will get to that later. Messaging is where all the fun begins.

That usually ends up with them sending you some questionable first messages. Nice fun laid back the times that I have used Tinder in the past I can say that I have gotten my fair share of uncomfortably awkward messages from guys.

Because after getting messages like this one, I am not sure what would possess them to hit send. I will admit the message to the left is pretty humorous but still is a little out.

I will give him props for his honestly and guts. Not all of the messages I have received on Tinder are this light-hearted. Some tip-toe on the border of creepy and uncomfortable.

I am not one of those girls either that shuts down every unwanted compliment or comment from a guy but there are some people that just take it too far. Like do you really think that you can get women to sleep with you purely because you won a national championship? Like seriously?

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But not every guy on Tinder is a complete jerk. Some of them can actually be pretty clever.

I was sitting in my Media History and Culture lecture, spacing off like usual when the notification popped up on my phone. I opened it immediately to distract myself even more that I already was and instantly started laughing.

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Making everyone around me in my two hundred person lecture stare at me. I actually ended up going on a Avilla IN adult personals with the guy but he was less than charming in person.

There are also the nice guys. The ones that actually try to compliment a girl before they ask them to hook up or are actually interested in taking you on a date.

Other than the sweet and not so sweet messages their are the ones that are just plain random. Most guys ask you out Halls Gap grannies wanting sex a cup of coffee or for a drink but this guy had something a little wilder in mind for a date.

Messaging only one of the many interesting aspects of the popular dating app Tinder. Check back in two weeks for an update on the men of Tinder.

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