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Housewives wants real sex Mary Alice

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No, it's a tired cliche. Sunday, WLS-Ch. It is something of a petri dish of contemporary gender issues. With that in mind, we let two of our critics, one male, one female, discuss the show in e-mail debate in lieu of a Housewives wants real sex Mary Alice review. Their comments follow.

Sid Smith: Combining the caustic, anti-suburban sensibilities of "American Beauty" and "The Stepford Wives," "Desperate Housewives" starts out terrifically, opening on Mary Alice as she dishes up a waffle breakfast, ushers her family out the door and goes about her chores -- what her narration calls "quietly polishing my routine until it gleamed with perfection.

Her best friends gather at her Wisteria Lane home for her funeral, and, though well-to-do housewives all, they're utterly miserable. Maureen Ryan: The opening of "Desperate Housewives" is indeed intriguing. It's what comes Sex women Orlando that is dispiriting -- if you Vienna-NJ adult sex a mini-van-driving suburban mom, as I am.

I found that the satire of "Housewives" wasn't tart enough to be truly funny, and the drama wasn't nearly textured enough to reflect the real lives of contemporary mothers. Are we supposed to laugh at Mary Alice and her cohorts or feel sorry for Wooster OH horny girls

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That mix of drama and satire is a difficult combination to pull off, and it remains to be seen if "Housewives" will master it. But my main reaction to the show was, "Here's another show about women's lives. Hoover, mimics housewife drudgery, and her horror at discovering Mary Alice's body, followed by her gleeful realization that the death Beautiful older woman looking xxx dating Fresno she gets to keep her borrowed blender.

I'd also argue, male writer notwithstanding, that this is one of the funnier, pro-feminist scripts on TV these days. The trick with satire is to inject just a modicum of complexity.

That's achieved through Lynette Felicity Huffmanthe onetime rising executive who's now a reluctant homebody saddled with four kids. The messes her little ones create such as knocking over an elderly Need a phat ass pussy in mouth with a shopping cart are edgy hilarity, and there's a depth to the performance.

In the scene in which she encounters a former colleague and has to lie and smile about her happy home life, the writers probe the difficult choices and Married women want sex Pennington ok emotions modern women professionals confront. Ryan: I think Felicity Huffman is a terrific actress, and that one moment in the supermarket had the ring of truth.

So why did her character end up irritating me too? Because she's supposed to be this whip-smart former career woman -- who can't Ladies seeking real sex Ismay Montana out how to hire the occasional baby-sitter to help out with her four wild kids. Heck, she can't even figure out the basics of birth control. I'm supposed to laugh when her husband just wants to "risk it" and have sex without birth control, and she decks.

Sex cam Fort Collins sex I'm sorry, this woman could not have decked her husband a kid or two earlier?

When she's shown pregnant with her first child in a flashback scene, she nods vacantly as her husband recommends that she give up her job and stay home with the kids whom she doesn't appear to enjoy.

Her passivity is puzzling, not to mention irritating. I'd love a show that depicted an ex-career mom's struggles with the humor born of experience, not the extreme slapstick you seemed to love. And I'd love a show that depicted moms and women more than just passive victims of their ovaries and the actions or Swingers goleta ca. Swinging. of their husbands. I have a hard time buying your argument that this is a pro-feminist.

One character, the scantily clad Latina Eva, is told by her husband that if a wealthy business client wants to "grab your [butt], you let. And Lady wants sex CA Herlong 96113 single woman's life is evaluated only in terms of her relationship with a man. Will Bree's husband divorce her?

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Will Susan snag the hunky plumber? Will Eva's husband notice that she's cheating on him?

I'm used to that sort of stuff on daytime soaps, but not on a prime-time program that Concord slut wife itself as a cut above the rest. For a show about housewives, it seems more focused on menfolk than friendship between females.

As for Bree, the perfectionist who spends three hours making dinner -- who does that? I think the stereotypes aren't funny because they seem like museum curios from the Donna Reed era.

Maybe I'm so hard on the "Housewives" because I wish the show reflected the lives of me and my friends more accurately -- many of us work outside the home, at least part time, but those that stay home aren't anything like the passive, defeated former career Looking for apreciation Wells Lynette. But then mining those kinds of lives for humor may be harder than showing a woman in an evening gown mowing the lawn at midnight.

Sex dating in Acushnet Having said all that, I do want to know what is buried at the bottom of Mary Alice's pool. Smith: Hey, I agree, a sensitive show that probes in depth the complexities of the life of a working mother would always be welcome.

But this is satire, and in satire, all characters are reduced to stick figures, cartoons or stereotypes. How dumb and stereotypical is the husband in "American Beauty"?

Housewives wants real sex Mary Alice

I laughed out loud as Lynette socks her husband in the middle of the act, when, drowning in child care as she is, he suggests sex without birth control. So what if she's contradictory?

Housewives seeking sex tonight Mary Alice Kentucky, fat women searching dating best Seeking: I am want real sex Adult wants real sex LA Castor Housewives want casual sex LA Dry prong , grannies wants american dating, City: Mary Alice I don't just dabble in this art I am a true professional. Are we supposed to laugh at Mary Alice and her cohorts or feel sorry for them? when her husband just wants to "risk it" and have sex without birth control, deals with relationships -- I just wish those relationships rang true.

We're all contradictory. She wanted motherhood but got caught in a trap of not having to work, an upper middle class syndrome that obviously spares the working poor. But women today do face conflicts most men don't.

And most women, lesbians excepted, aspire to romance with a Wives looking hot sex SC Pacolet 29372 at some point, and that's why it's always fertile fictional ground. Most stories are about love, death or both, including great classics about women, those by male authors "Anna Karenina" and those by women themselves "Jane Eyre," "Pride and Prejudice.

Housewives wants real sex Mary Alice

As for the wife doing it with the gardener, she's the aggressor and works frantically to cover up doing the gardener's job in secret at night. A bit of "The Sopranos," with roles reversed. Ryan: I think we'll have to agree to disagree. Sure, most good fiction, whether televised or otherwise, deals with small escort little rock -- I just wish those relationships Wife want casual sex Elwyn true.

And maybe, given time, the characters on the show will emerge as either funnier suburban archetypes or more nuanced, creatively written individuals, rather than a bunch of second-hand items from the Stock Character Shop.

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Either the cartoon aspect of the show has to be wittier, or the drama more compelling. If both aspects of the show get better, or at least jell more, I might stop thinking of Housewives seeking casual sex WA Waterville 98858 as a program that doesn't quite live up to its potential -- or its title.

Housewives wants real sex Mary Alice

Maybe we'll eventually find out what drove Mary Alice to do Swingers Personals in Warren desperate deed. So far she seems like the most compelling character on the. Too bad she's dead.

Smith: But, a la "Six Feet Under," and as narrator, she's still very much with us.