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Dense red bush between legs

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Provo housewives who fuck, a couple of years later, the young leaves still come out bright red, but the older leaves are a paler yellow-green, with dark spots on them, and the bushes as a whole look thin and straggly. It is a vigorous, large-leafed evergreen, mainly grown for the bright red colour of the young leaves, which gradually mature to a glossy dark green — or should do!

There are a of factors which could be involved. Photinias will grow in a range of Sweet women wants nsa Skagway types, including quite alkaline conditions if there is sufficient organic matter, but they could be described as hungry feeders.

Firstly, an annual trim is essential to encourage side branching and to maintain density, just as you would do for a hedge. I like to give an annual trim in June to maintain density — it breaks your Woman seeking casual sex Cortez to remove a fair proportion of the new red leaves, but a second flush will soon emerge after a few weeks which will then see you through to the autumn.

Restorative pruning of a leggy specimen can be done by hard-pruning to just above a bud or node, cutting quite far down the leggy stems to encourage a bushier plant; this is most effective if done in April or May, depending on how cold the weather Dallas black girls fuck, during the first flush of vigorous spring growth.

If necessary, repeat this in mid-summer. Another aspect to feeding Photinias is that their vigorous nature means that they use a lot of Magnesium, a shortage of which would encourage the plant to shed yet more of the older leaves.

A tablespoonful of Epsom salts dissolved in a gallon of water and applied at or soon after applying the other fertiliser will help prevent a deficiency, which would otherwise result in the plant taking Magnesium out of the older north lake havasu city escort service to put into the new ones.

Interestingly though, Magnesium deficiency symptoms in Photinias often cause little burgundy-coloured spots on the older leaves, as well as a general yellowing of the older foliage.

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These spots can easily be mistaken for a fungal leaf spot disease. However, it tends to be already stressed plants that are worst affected.

You can control these fungal leaf spot diseases to a point using general fungicides, such as those for spraying roses, but an otherwise healthy and well-fed Photinia will usually just shrug-off leaf spot and continue to grow happily regardless. Being too dry for too long, or too cold in winter, are other stress factors which can also stimulate Pamplona married women personals to drop more of the older leaves and thereby necessitate a one-off restorative pruning, so occasional watering in long periods of dry weather I use the washing-up water!