Welcome 2015!

It is always exciting to welcome a new year! So this year is no different . . . I have been anticipating this new year for a while now. 2015. For some reason it seems like a big deal. Maybe it’s because I have big goals for my business this year . . . I invested in a really great… Read More

Want to make your blog beautiful?

Make your blog beautiful! Do you have a great blog but struggle with the design? Feel like you just need a quick makeover? Want to increase your SEO ranking? Does your header need a facelift? Lets chat!  I can help, and it may just be much more fun and affordable than you thought! Shoot me an email, I would love… Read More

O.K. So maybe this will be the year

Every year I purpose to write down all my favorite family recipes.  You know the ones that make you think of Grandma, or Mom or other special people.  I even associate certain food to special events in my life, like the witches brew my Mom made at my sisters November birthday when I was 10.  I was fascinated with “dry”… Read More

Furniture Makeover

Most of you know we are a household of FIVE daughters! Doesn’t this cute vanity look like it would belong in a house with five little ladies? Well, that’s what I thought! Boy!  Was I WRONG!!! The girls never sat in front of this cute vanity to fuss over their long beautiful locks, they never kept their hair brush or bows organized in the… Read More

Make a Garden Journal

I have absolutely LOVED spending time in my garden this summer! I found myself wishing I had taken some notes last year so I would know a wee bit more about the different plants this year. So . . . . I decided to make a garden journal.  A place to store extra seeds and write a bit about how the different… Read More

Ombré Petal Cake Tutorial

I am LOVIN’ the ombré look! Ombré means shaded or graduated in tone, and it is beautiful! I’ve also been enjoying the petal technique, which apparently has been around for a long time. So . . . I decided to put them together! Here’s a close up look With the blue tone, I immediately thought of the big blue pacific ocean (it’s in… Read More