Good Design is Good Business

Design is important.

Really important.

Have you ever noticed that you feel more comfortable and are willing to spend more time in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing?


When we spend the time to create a beautiful environment online it helps us to be more successful.

Good design is just good business.

I love what I do and I find it personally rewarding to help folks improve their bottom line through design.  Hop on over here to see whats new in my portfolio.




O.K. So maybe this will be the year


Every year I purpose to write down all my favorite family recipes.  You know the ones that make you think of Grandma, or Mom or other special people.  I even associate certain food to special events in my life, like the witches brew my Mom made at my sisters November birthday when I was 10.  […]

Furniture Makeover

play kitchen 2

Most of you know we are a household of FIVE daughters! Doesn’t this cute vanity look like it would belong in a house with five little ladies? Well, that’s what I thought! Boy!  Was I WRONG!!! The girls never sat in front of this cute vanity to fuss over their long beautiful locks, they never kept their hair brush […]