Graduation Cookies

I have been longing for an excuse . . .

It’s true.

I have been looking for justification to waste some time.

Oh yeah.  Some money too . . .

I love those beautiful cookies that look as if the cookie maker has spent hours, days, maybe weeks to make.

The royal icing kind.

My oldest daughter just finished middle school and is headed for high school next year  . . . the perfect chance to make something special!

Aren’t they fun???

Here’s what I did.

First, make some cookies!!!!  I used my favorite soft cookie recipe and cut out a shape I thought would be fitting.

I found a graduation hat image I liked, then in a word processing program created a sheet of quite a few on one page.

Once printed out, I taped the paper to the back of a cookie sheet to keep it still and on a flat surface.  I then taped down parchment paper over the top of the printable.

I  mixed up a batch of royal icing, and then piped onto the parchment paper tracing the hat image.

This takes patience folks!

Make a lot!  There will be some broken ones so make extra.

Now I am a last minute hurry up and get it done type person, but ideally you would do this part a couple of days ahead of time to let them dry completely.  I decided at the last minute to take on this project, so I didn’t have time to wait . . . I used the hair dryer!  Hee Hee :-)

Warning . . . if you decided to be like me and use the hair dryer, be prepared for breaking a lot more than you had too!

Next up, ice the cookie using the flood method.  You can learn more about that here.

Once you “flood” the cookie, let it set up a few minutes, then carefully pick up the hats ( you made yesterday that are nice and hard) and drop them onto the iced cookie.

Did I mention this is a time consuming art project?

I just love this . . . it looks so amazing!  People are going to be asking you, “How did you do that?”, because it all settles and dries as one complete piece.  So cool.

I then just added some dots around the edge to finish it off . . . and here you have it!

Of course I also had seen a fun way to package cookies using card stock and party bags, so I did that too.

I printed a fun message on card stock “see you in high school 2016″ and added the cookies and here you are . . .

They tasty really good too.

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