Ombré Petal Cake Tutorial

I am LOVIN’ the ombré look!

Ombré means shaded or graduated in tone, and it is beautiful!

I’ve also been enjoying the petal technique, which apparently has been around for a long time.

So . . .

I decided to put them together!

Here’s a close up look

With the blue tone, I immediately thought of the big blue pacific ocean (it’s in my blood folks that’s what happens to a southern California native!)

I had some pretty chocolate shells that went perfectly.

Of course I had to add some sand . . . I just tinted some white sugar with gold dust.

Voilà . . . what do you think folks?

and because I love to see cakes on pretty cake stands . . . .

One more and a video!

So here is what you need

A crumb coated cake

# 12 Pastry tip, which is really just a large circle.  You could make a pastry bag from parchment paper and cut the end open to create the same effect.

Small offset spatula

Frosting in whatever color you choose

and that’s it!  Have fun . . . it’s easy and beautiful!

Have a great Monday!  Happy cake decorating (wink)


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