Furniture Makeover

play kitchen 2

Most of you know we are a household of FIVE daughters! Doesn’t this cute vanity look like it would belong in a house with five little ladies? Well, that’s what I thought! Boy!  Was I WRONG!!! The girls never sat in front of this cute vanity to fuss over their long beautiful locks, they never kept their hair brush {Read More…}

a “how did you do that” Customizable Gift

custom gift 1

  I saw a really cute idea on pinterest and have wanted to make it for a long time. The end of the school year rolled around and I was looking for something to make for the elementary teachers . . . Ah ha! the perfect opportunity to try making that cute idea I saw! {Read More…}

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


My Mom was cool! . . . and way ahead of her time. Before Pinterest was thought of, before there was even internet, my Mom came up with very fun birthday parties. Flutterby the clown came to my 7th birthday and she arrived in style!  Being fashionably late, a handful of my school friends and {Read More…}

Did you ever wonder . . .

hair in the car

Did you ever wonder how a teenager does her hair in the car? Easy! Hold the mirror with your toes. Now, why didn’t I think of that? xoxo  

The Green Drink

river walk watermark

Dear Daughter, I was trying to be a nice Mom today.  I decided not to enter the bus in my pj’s with bed head to make you drink your green drink!  Next time I may not be so nice. P.S.  I’m sure I gave all your friends on the bus a good, hearty laugh for {Read More…}

Illuminated Orange

Illuminated orange_edited-1

Oh! The fun adventures we have . . .   Last night one of the girls had an itch to do something creative. It was one of those nights I was NOT going to be OK with a big mess! The creative itch was satisfied with a simple fun project that really took no time {Read More…}

Dear Daughter,


Dear Daughter, I am happy for you to have a snack . . . just please put everything back! Love, Mom xoxo I recently watched my girls come home from school and in 15 minutes leave about an hours worth of work behind.   Keeping a happy attitude I found myself singing to them the {Read More…}

Pretty Please

Dear Daughter, I never want to forget how cute it is when you say “Tiny Please”, when you really mean to say “pretty Please”! Love, Mom

When you are making cookies

Dear Daughter, When you are making cookies. . . Always cream the butter and sugar!