Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


My Mom was cool! . . . and way ahead of her time. Before Pinterest was thought of, before there was even internet, my Mom came up with very fun birthday parties. Flutterby the clown came to my 7th birthday and she arrived in style!  Being fashionably late, a handful of my school friends and {Read More…}

Roasted Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts

last and featured

A few of the girls liked the idea of mini cabbages . . . My husband thought he didn’t like them . . . One of the girls said, “If you would have told me there was brussel sprouts in this I wouldn’t have eaten it”. Every single person in the house LOVED this recipe {Read More…}

German Sausage & Fried Potatoes

watermark all done

I had one of those hang on the door and stare into the fridge moments the other night! I had some all natural Bratwurst in the freezer and a jar of apple sauerkraut that really sounded yummy. My Grandmother used to always fry potatoes for me when I would come to visit and I was hungry for that . {Read More…}

Meal Planning Madness


Ok.  I love to be organized, but sometimes I just feel overwhelmed!  Then I tend to spin in circles and get nothing done.  That’s how meal planning has been for me. I love to cook, in my dreams I’ve been to cooking school in Italy and written several cookbooks and am a cooking guru star! {Read More…}

Chile Relleno


When my, much longed for, co-op basket arrived it had a lot of hot peppers.  Chile peppers . . . poblano, anaheim (a.k.a. California green chile) and jalepeno.  Mmmm. pico de gallo, salsa verde . . .  Chile Relleno! It was not a good night for making chile rellenos!  The girls had track practice, the {Read More…}

Photoshop Actions


Hello Everyone! I have discovered something new!  Well, new to me . . . please pardon my slowness if you already know about this, but look at the difference!! I am absolutely not being paid to share this information and I am not affiliated with this site in any way, I am just so inspired {Read More…}

Illuminated Orange

Illuminated orange_edited-1

Oh! The fun adventures we have . . .   Last night one of the girls had an itch to do something creative. It was one of those nights I was NOT going to be OK with a big mess! The creative itch was satisfied with a simple fun project that really took no time {Read More…}

Cherry Cheese Breakfast Biscuit

cherry cheese breakfast biscuit

This is a recipe that is close to my heart. Mom made these yummy breakfast treats for us and we always enjoyed the sweet jelly melting into the warm bread.  Mmmm. The thing that is closest to my memory, is the drizzle! I’m a morning person, so I often would watch Mom whip up her {Read More…}

Food Photography

vintage wedding cake

I am not going to claim to be a fabulous photographer, but I will confess to wanting to learn more about taking great pictures!  I see all these beautiful photos with mouth watering desserts and dinners that make me want to . . . well, EAT!  What’s the secret? Here is a photo I took {Read More…}

Sew a Monkey!

molly monkey

So I’ve had this darling monkey pattern for months and have wanted to make it but had never found the time . . . my little niece had her first birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to make one!  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  In fact it was really hard {Read More…}