Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

My Mom was cool! . . . and way ahead of her time.

Before Pinterest was thought of, before there was even internet, my Mom came up with very fun birthday parties.

Flutterby the clown came to my 7th birthday and she arrived in style!  Being fashionably late, a handful of my school friends and I anxiously waited with our noses pressed firmly against the window as she was escorted to the party by the highway patrol!

A long story!  I’ll tell you about that one later.

One thing I really loved was Ice Cream Cupcakes.  Mom made these for me and I LOVED it!

I’ve made these for my girls twice and now and I’ve seen several tutorials on Pinterest.  Here’s how I made them and what I’ve learned.

First you need to prepare a special way to stand the ice cream cones up for baking and eventually transporting to the party or classroom.  Now I’ve seen tutorials that say to use a disposable baking pan by measuring and cutting holes for the cones.

Save yourself a lot of headache and time . . . don’t do it that way!

It is so much easier to just cover a muffin tin with tinfoil and make nice tight little slots for the cones!  Easy! . .  and you will most likely end up enjoying this project instead of wishing you hadn’t begun.


Once I covered the muffin pan with tinfoil, I cut and x like this . . .

I gently pressed to make a bit of an opening for the cone, like this . . .

Then, easily slide the cone into the opening.  You don’t want it loose, so be careful not to rip the tinfoil too much.

Perfect!  Now you are ready to fill the cones with batter.

Use your favorite cake batter and pour a small amount in each cone.

Here’s my next “take it from me” tip . . . don’t fill the cones too much!

It does not take very much batter!  Be careful to not get too much batter in the cone.  Once they bake, level them off with a sharp knife.

Next, we need to ice them with frosting.

I used a large wilton 2D tip in my pastry bag.  I don’t always use coupler with the big tips.  I have a pastry bag I cut a large opening special for larger tips.

The frosting recipe I used for this part was fabulous!  It was not too sweet and held it’s shape really well.  It is called Marshmallow Cream Frosting and I got the recipe from the mixing bowl diary.  It is basically marshmallow fluff, egg white powder, water, powdered sugar, cream of tarter and vanilla.

I then melted chocolate chips with some coconut oil in the microwave.  You can click here for a video and instructions if you need some details on the chocolate.

I decided to drizzle the chocolate and add some sprinkles!

Mmmm.  These were so yummy I could’ve eaten them all!

Too bad I had to share with 30 first graders!

Aren’t they pretty?  So colorful and fun . . .

Enjoy!  xoxo


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