How to Sew a Baby Wrap

I just LOVE . LOVE . LOVE . my baby wrap!

Maybe I should say Little Lady loves it, but I love it for different reasons than she does!!

Why I love to wear my Little Lady in a baby wrap:

  1. She loves to snuggle in and feel secure as she did in the womb and almost instantly becomes calm
  2. When I am shopping or cleaning or cooking, wearing baby makes me hands free and baby is content
  3. Pulling the fabric over Little Lady to shield her from coughing and germs in public places makes me feel like she is protected and safe
  4. The other Little Ladies love to wear her in it too – what a help for me sometimes!
  5. Following my tutorial here you can custom make a baby wrap to YOUR unique style and make a statement!  I like that it is not only a life saver, but can be stylish too.

Don’t miss the video on how to use the baby wrap at the end of this post

Sooooo . . . Here goes!

First of all you have to understand I am a Mom of FIVE fabulous little ladies . . . what that means is if anything takes too much time to make, it’s not happening! lol  Which brings me to. . .

Second of all,  I do try to do a nice job and do it well, BUT I am FAR from being a perfectionist.  If there is a short cut, by all means I’ll take it!

Lastly, like the old saying goes . . . “A penny saved is a penny earned” I love to use what I have and be creative making it work.

That being said, this tutorial is different from what you will find out there on the internet because you will only need 3 yards of fabric! I don’t know about you, but if I have to go buy 6 yards of fabric, I’ll just save the time sewing and buy the brand name baby wraps currently on the market.  So get your fabric store coupon out and go find a great deal on 3 yards of fabric so you can feel good about spending the time to make this.

What you need:

  • 3 yards one way stretch cotton knit fabric
  • 1 fat quarter (18 x 22) of designer cotton fabric
  • normal sewing supplies

If your fabric was 60” wide, like mine was, lay your 3 yards of fabric out and fold it so that you have 22 inches of a double layer of fabric.  You can use the long skinny strip left over to make a doll wrap for your little girl, or niece or somebody 😉

If your fabric was 45″ wide just cut at the fold and trim off the selvedge edge to make your fabric 3 yds x 22

These photos show how to trim your fabric if it is 60″ wide, I had originally made these instructions for 3 yds x 23 inches but have now revised the pattern to 3 yds x 22 inches to be able to use a fat quarter – saves time and $.  The dotted line represents where you are going to cut.

Now cut at the fold so you end up with two 3 yard lengths of fabric that are 22 inches wide

Stitch the two pieces together at the 22 inch side

I stitched a french seam here to make it strong and then topstitched it down to make a flat seam – see the picture below.  If you don’t know how to sew a french seam, no problem, just click on the tutorial button below


Now because the fabric stretches a tad I ended up with a bit of an uneven edge and depending on what type of fabric you are using you may too.  Just even it out by taking a straight edge and marking 22 inches and cut it straight again


It works nicely to taper the ends so it is easier to tie.  I made a template so I could make both sides the same.  It tapered from the end 36 inches up to the full width (did that make sense?)

I didn’t take the time to pin here I just set my iron on the paper piece and cut!  Remember I’m a Mom of 5, it has to be a fairly quick project for me or it doesn’t get done!


So, set that fabric piece down and grab the fat quarter.

Now I suggest you read through the rest of this tutorial before you continue, because there are several ways to do this next part.

I have a serger or overlock machine so I just run the 22″ sides through my machine and then fold over 1/4″ to the wrong side and iron, you could zig zag and do the same or double fold and iron.  Either way the idea is to get a nice finished edge.

Now fold your fat quarter in half and iron.

Lay out your long piece of cotton knit, now line up the iron mark in the center of the fat quarter with the flat French seam of the cotton knit fabric.


It should look like this


O.k.!  Here I do pin! 😉  Pin each 22″ side of the fat quarter to the cotton knit fabric piece.

Top stitch the designer fat quarter to your cotton knit on each side.

Now, you’ll notice I left a raw edge on the top and bottom of the fat quarter~

To finish my baby wrap all I needed to do was zip it through my serger add a little fray check to the beginning/end point and I was done!

I like to do this because I like the look of  a contrasting thread all the way around, it gives a nice finished touch and finishes the other two raw edges of the fat quarter. . .  HOWEVER because you are using cotton knit fabric, it curls or rolls instead of fraying and does not need to be hemmed.  If you do not have a serger or want to omit this step you could do several things:

  • When you iron and finish the 22′ sides of the fat quarter, just go ahead and iron and finish the whole piece all four sides.
  • Then when you reach the step where I serge, just zig zag all the way around


  • When you iron and finish the 22′ sides of the fat quarter, just go ahead and iron and finish the whole piece all four sides.
  • When you pin and top stitch the 22″ sides of the fat quarter to the cotton knit piece just go ahead and top stitch the whole fat quarter onto the cotton knit all the way around.  This way your fat quarter will be finished on four sides and the cotton knit will be left unfinished which is fine


  • When you reach the step where I serge  hem all the way around


You just made a fabulous custom Baby Wrap!

Now take your scraps and visit lil blue boo’s tutorial and make some cute hair pom poms!

Here is a video of how I use the baby wrap.  In this video I demonstrate how I put it on and place my Little Lady inside.



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Authored by: Stephanie Hellwig


  1. Erica says

    Wow! This is like soooo perfect! I wanted to buy one of these a while ago, but seeing as how they were so expensive (around 40 bucks) I never did. Now, I have a custom one, and it cost me close to nothing! Thanks so much!

  2. says

    What an awesome tutorial! There are so many advantages of making these yourself the best is that you get to choice the fabric! I love having so many choices!

  3. says

    I love this! I need to make one for my sis-in-law who is due in less than a month…. hmmm…. time to get going! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Kelly L says

    So great!! I’ve seen some other tutorials online that say sewing two fabrics together is not as “structurally sound” or safe as one long fabric. Have you had any issues with that? Thank you for your post and information!!!

    • says

      I have not had any trouble with my baby wrap being weak. I made and use mine all the time, and I have never had a problem. In the tutorial I show you how to make the baby wrap using a french seam, which is pretty much double stitched and then I cover it with a decorative panel, so it is really sturdy. Thanks for your comment! xoxo Stephanie

      • Kelly L says

        Thank you Stephanie!!! I figured that was the case but I wanted to make sure I checked just I needed to be extra careful with the hands free/seam issue 🙂 I love the idea of only spending 1/2 the money and still having a mega cute wrap!!!

          • says

            In addition to the concern for structural safetly(a problem
            Any time you have a seam in a baby carrier) the seam is mid carrier which means it will always fall in the part of the wrap over the baby’s back when wrapping as a forward cross carry, like you’ve shown. Have you noticed a mark on the baby’s back after wearing for long periods of time?

          • says

            Thank you for your question. Please understand I am not an expert and do not claim to have any professional knowledge or experience, I am a Mom who is passing along what I have learned about sewing a baby wrap and my personal experience using it, PLEASE seek out and explore your own safety knowledge before ever using a baby wrap. All I can share is my personal experience as a friend . . . that being said; No. I have never seen a seam mark on my baby nor seen any emotional signs from my little one that it is uncomfortable. I am always careful to notice communication signs from my little one as any parent should be, and if you see baby uncomfortable in any way by all means stop using the baby wrap. Baby safety is most important.

  5. Amanda says

    I just finished my baby wrap 🙂 Thanks so much for this tutorial! This is for my second baby and I need to be hands free so this is perfect! I tried it on and it doesn’t quite fit with my big 9 month preggo belly 🙂 but I am looking forward to using it. Thanks also for the video on how to put it on…very helpful 🙂

  6. Susan says

    I just finished a wrap for my grandson. This is so great. Thanks for the pattern and easy to understand instructions. From now on my baby gifts will be wraps.

  7. Susan says

    I just found out my niece is expecting, and I’ll be making one for her. Your directions are clear, and the tuorial is great – very nice tutorial on how to wrap it. I’ll send her a link with the wrap!

  8. says

    I am contemplating making one of these vs buying one, and know nothing about fabrics. Which way should my one way stretch fabric stretch? down the length or the width? Or does stretch cotton only come one way? I genuinely have no idea and am searching fabrics online and want to make sure I get the right stuff.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Nikki says

    Hi! I saw this video on Youtube, and I loved the tutorial on how to use the wrap and am now planning on making my own 🙂 I had a question though. I expecting my first baby in the next 3 weeks, and I was wondering if there is a special way to use the wrap for a newborn? It seems simple enough, I’m just wondering if there are any pointers or differences with newborn vs. an infant.
    Thank you so much,

    • says

      Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for watching my tutorial! There are special ways to place an infant in the wrap. I don’t feel like I am an expert in the subject, but there is a lot of information out there. Try searching the internet, you’ll find some ideas.
      Take care

  10. says

    Hi! I love your tutorial! I made a wrap for my little girl a few months ago, and it is so handy! Two of my friends are now pregnant, and I want to make a wrap for each of them, but I have a question about how to get two wraps out of your tutorial. Could I buy a 60 inch wide fabric that is 3 yards long, then cut it so that each piece is 30 inches x 3 yards? I’m not very talented at sewing, so I’m having trouble figuring out if that will work! Thank you!

  11. Tabitha N says

    Thanks so much for sharing this. As a pregnant mommy of baby #5 I am so thankful to have come across this. I never had seen on of these until a few years ago so I didn’t have the chance to use one with any of my other kids. This is on my to do list of baby items I can make. Will let you know how it turns out. Great video and tutorial. God bless you and your little ladies. :0)

  12. Rhi says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I got my mum to make me one (as I’m hopeless and can’t sew!) and it turned out great! I love that I got to choose my own colour and pattern. Your tutorial video was great as well and as soon as I popped my little girl in, she promptly went to sleep!

  13. Kayla says

    Hi! I’m just starting this project at home and watched your video of putting the baby in the wrap. My baby loves to look out and I was curious if there was a way to wrap the baby so she’s facing out instead of in?

    • says

      I’ve read that it is not safe to have baby facing out. You better do some research before you do that. I am not an expert, just love to sew and love my baby wrap!

    • says

      Hi Emily,
      I think you would probably be o.k. with two way stretch . . . the panel does not have to be non-stretchy.
      Thanks for writing! Keep in touch 🙂

  14. Katerina says

    Hey just made my wrap from your tutorial! Thanks so much!!! (I used a 2 way stretch knit fabric will it be a problem?) thanks again!

  15. Brittany says

    Stephanie, Thank you so much for the tutorial and the video on how the baby wrap works. I Just finished making mine for my baby #4 coming in a few months, and I made it in under an hour!!! I just wish I could borrow a baby to try it out. I guess I will just have to try it after d-day. Thank you again!

    • says

      Congratulations on baby #4! You are welcome for the tutorial, I am so happy to hear that like it and the video! Any other ideas for a the next tutorial???
      Take Care!

      • Nikki says

        First off thank you for this! I have made 3 ring slings and none of them are as comfy as my Moby wrap (you should do a tutorial of those next because I never did understand how to sew in the rings and you give such good/easy directions). I hate how I have to adjust my Moby 4 times to get the fit just right. In your video you just tied it on easily. Is that because the one way fabric hugs your body more so you can tie it tight yet the baby still fits in nicely? If so, would a 2 way fabric be even better for that? And finally do you use 100% cotton or a mix? Just started making my own things as a first time mom so its definitely a learning process!

        • says

          Thanks for writing! I am so excited you found my tutorial helpful!! I never could get those ring slings to work for me, and never felt secure or comfortable with them. The more you use your baby wrap the easier it will be for you to put it on. Mine usually went on tight and then loosened up a wee bit as baby settled in. I did find that there can’t be any twists and if I spread it nicely over my shoulders it helped a lot. A 2 way stretch will loosen quite a bit and I use 100% cotton. Good luck!

  16. Tanya says

    I love this tutorial! I’ve already made one for a friend and plan to make two more (one’s for me!). However, I had a bit of trouble. Any tricks for folding it easily? Mine kept sticking to itself and it was nearly impossible to fold it exactly in half. The fact that it wasn’t cut evenly also had something to do with it, I’m sure. Also, is there any way to keep the edges laying flat instead of curling up? This was my first time working with knit and I found it difficult, but I got it finished and love the result! Thanks!

    • says

      I am so glad you enjoyed my tutorial! I really don’t know any special tricks, knit is different to work with and you kind of just have to get used to it. I am not a perfectionist, so as long as it can come together for me I go with it. You may just have to see what works best for you! Take care and thanks for writing 🙂

  17. Katie says

    Thanks so much for your tutorial. I’m expecting baby #4 and was in general overwhelmed by how pricey baby stuff has gotten since #3! I really wanted a wrap for use around the house, and for my husband (stay at home dad) when he was at our home school coop with the big kids. I was so happy to run across your tutorial, and plan on making one of these this weekend!

    • says

      Hi Rehana,
      Thank you for visiting my site! I am not sure of the maximum weight for the baby wrap. You will want to do some research and make sure you feel comfortable before you use a baby wrap. It took a while for me to learn how to use it and really feel comfortable being completely hands free. I am not expert, just sharing the way I enjoyed making my own ;-). Best, Steph

  18. Alex says

    Wow this is great! I stumbled across your video trying to find out how to wear my shop bought sling, but now I’ve made my own which is much more “me”. My mum’s getting married in the spring so I’m going to make a really pretty sling to compliment mine and my little one’s outfits 🙂 thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  19. Kayla says

    Hi Stephanie! thank you so much for this tutorial! I can’t wait to try! I was wondering if you have a tutorial for a toddler wrap as well? I have a 2 year old almost 3 who would love this! Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Ashley,

      I am not sure about a specific age. I didn’t begin using mine until I felt like it was safe and you would have to do some research. I am just a Mom sharing something that I have loved using myself and am by no means an expert able to give any advice. Do some research and I am sure you will find a good answer out there.



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