German Sausage & Fried Potatoes

I had one of those hang on the door and stare into the fridge moments the other night!

I had some all natural Bratwurst in the freezer and a jar of apple sauerkraut that really sounded yummy.

My Grandmother used to always fry potatoes for me when I would come to visit and I was hungry for that . . . so dinner was in the works!

German sausage (bratwurst) smoothered in fryed onions, on a bed of sweet red cabbage and apples, accompanied with fried potatoes  and sugar snap peas drizzled with homemade ranch.


Easy.  Good.

I highly recommend for a meal in under 40 minutes!

I put a wee bit of water in the bottom of a heavy cast iron pan
added the brats and boiled them for a while.  Once the brats were cooked through I drained the water added about a tablespoon of butter to the pan and pan fried them with some thinly sliced onion.  ( I only had a red onion, I would have preferred a white or yellow onion)  When the onions were just about clear and cooked pretty well, I grated some fresh garlic into the brats and onions.

The house smelled so yummy!

The fried potatoes are a family recipe . . . I’ll save that for another post.

I LOVE sugar snap peas, mmmm better than carrots and ranch in my opinion!  The girls love them too.

It is so rewarding when a spur of the moment supper turns out good!

P.S.  Isn’t it interesting that in the midwest, dinner is called supper . . .

I grew up on the west coast in California, a beach lovin’ simple food girl.  I ate fresh avocados and oranges and we called meal times breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I didn’t know what time of day supper was!

When we first moved to the midwest and someone would invite us for “dinner”  I made sure to clarify that what they really meant was the “noon” meal!

Supper time is “quitin’ time”, the end of the day, the evening meal!

xoxo ~ until next time



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  1. says

    That meal is very similar to a common meal at our house. I can my own kraut each year for the men in my life – my husband, his dad, my daddy and my three sons. It is funny but none of my kids like kraut unless it is mine. Sorry….drift there….anyway, I fix fried potatoes with the sausage too but it is OUR family recipe.

    Coming from southern Indiana I have always heard all four meal terms. Lunch was the midday meal through the week. On Sunday it was called dinner and came a little later because of church. We did generally have supper. But, I will also say that most men I know carry a dinner bucket and not a lunch box.

    Enjoyed your blog. Found you from Sew Many Ways.

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by! I was wondering more about those “region specific” terms, and it was fun to hear about the dinner bucket.
      xoxo ~ Stephanie

  2. says

    This looks really good – good enough for me to try it sometime and I don’t like sauerkraut & in general would not normally like this meal!

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