German Sausage & Fried Potatoes

I had one of those hang on the door and stare into the fridge moments the other night! I had some all natural Bratwurst in the freezer and a jar of apple sauerkraut that really sounded yummy. My Grandmother used to always fry potatoes for me when I would come to visit and I was hungry for that . . . so dinner was… Read More

April Showers

How does it go? April showers bring May flowers. . .   Oh! Yes.  That’s right. Then bring on the rain, because I love flowers. The past few days have been kinda cloudy. Kinda Gloomy. I’m lookn’ ahead! I love flowers! I love to  hear from you . . . leave me a note in the comments below and share… Read More

The Green Drink

Dear Daughter, I was trying to be a nice Mom today.  I decided not to enter the bus in my pj’s with bed head to make you drink your green drink!  Next time I may not be so nice. P.S.  I’m sure I gave all your friends on the bus a good, hearty laugh for the bus ride to school…. Read More

Free Spring Printable

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain The past few warm and sunny days I have enjoyed working on my flower garden, and listening to the birds sing.  Ahhh . . . spring. As Mark Twain mentioned in the above passage, the weather quickly turns!… Read More