German Sausage & Fried Potatoes

watermark all done

I had one of those hang on the door and stare into the fridge moments the other night! I had some all natural Bratwurst in the freezer and a jar of apple sauerkraut that really sounded yummy. My Grandmother used to always fry potatoes for me when I would come to visit and I was hungry for that . […]

April Showers

pansey 2

How does it go? April showers bring May flowers. . .   Oh! Yes.  That’s right. Then bring on the rain, because I love flowers. The past few days have been kinda cloudy. Kinda Gloomy. I’m lookn’ ahead! I love flowers! I love to  hear from you . . . leave me a note in […]

The Green Drink

river walk watermark

Dear Daughter, I was trying to be a nice Mom today.  I decided not to enter the bus in my pj’s with bed head to make you drink your green drink!  Next time I may not be so nice. P.S.  I’m sure I gave all your friends on the bus a good, hearty laugh for […]

Free Spring Printable

free spring printable2012

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain The past few warm and sunny days I have enjoyed working on my flower garden, and listening to the birds sing.  Ahhh . . . spring. As Mark Twain mentioned in the above […]

My Life Shattered Into a Million Pieces

april 1 post

A few years ago, our oldest daughter decided to play an April fools joke on our friends and family.  Writing the following letter she had people stirred up all the way in Russia!  I only fear what she’ll do this year. . .  This was a april fools joke I played on my friends…I emailed […]